Individual creations

Homemade  unique furniture and bespoke creations using steel and wood by Rob Wijmenga.

Every item is handmade to order and uses upcycled materials where possible.


A beautiful combination of rustic steel frame coated with a waterproof finish,  and a reed topping.  

Doors & Windows

Beautiful fine steel doors and windows.

Open designer staircase using steel supports and Douglas pine treads


Fine steel frame with oak makes this a stylish collection. This is the chair and the bar stool from the range which also has a dining table and a bar/cocktail table. (The range has rubber feet so it can also be used indoors.)


A beautiful combination of rustic steel frame and cedar top, coated with a waterproof finish, the Gueyrau table and bench are perfect for outdoor entertaining. (The collection has rubber feet so it can also be used indoors.)

La Barb

This was a customer request asking for a bespoke dresser. She wanted something modern in an industrial style, using steel with a recycled Douglas fir top, recycled wine boxes and with old casters.

Gates and Railings

 Steel Gates and beautiful fine steel railings for indoors and outdoors


This wine cabinet was made on request to serve as a base to a wine chiller. The cabinet is steel framed with recycled wineboxes. Inside, it’s not all that it seems from the facade. Inside is a cupboard with shelving and two drawers.

Willow light

         This decorative light is made from all steel, with a recycled brake disc and micro LED’s


The food bowl is very popular with Luffy the Main c0on cat. Made from oak with a steel stand, the top is tilted slightly making it easier for him to eat from.


For coffee time or evening drinks this steel framed table with a tiled top is an ideal size. (The table has rubber feet so it can also be used indoors.)


Call or email for a quote or to discuss your requirements for bespoke indoor or outdoor furniture using  steel and wood.

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